PoP-up”Glamping” Business. No need to own land!

Portable Bubble Tent for Hire Business

“Glamping” or Glamorous Camping has grown in popularity in recent years with Glamping resorts popping up all over the country.

More people than ever are looking for an emmersive nature experience without sacrificing comforts or amenities.

The Glamping trend has reshaped the hospitality industry, and continues to out perform most other traditional hospitality sectors.

Bubble Huts, As featured in the Wall Street Journal, provides the ultimate Glamping experience!

As it turns out, this increase in popularity has also increased the demand for the renting of Luxury Glamping tents. Many people are seeking all inclusive tent rentals near National Parks and other popular tourist locations.

The Bubble Tent for hire business model is perfect for those who want to start a lucrative business with minimal investment.

The bubble tent rental business is eco-freindly, requires no overhead, and very little maintanence, it is portable, versatile, and they are easy to install.

The best part is that you can run a very profitable business out of a your garage or storage locker!

How it works,

Travelers or Glampers book the site and you deliver the Glamping Experience.

Our high quality Bubble Tents are perfect for any occasion or event, such as, Wedding Parties, Stargazing Sleep overs, Festivals and more!

Be the first in your area to offer Bubble Tents for rent.

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Cowboy’s & Bubble Tents

Bubble Tent in Cave Creek Arizona at sunset.
Bubble Cottage nestled in the middle of nature

This bubble tent is cowboy tested and cowboy approved to be the best place to kick off your boots and lay your head under the big sky of Cave Creek, Arizona.

The lodging options for the cowboys and settlers coming to strike it rich in Cave Creek back in the 1870’s were a far cry from the plush options available today!

Most cowboys back in the early days would pull the saddle off their horse and use it as a pillow to rest their heads under the star filled skys.

Nowadays before riding into town, a cowboy can go to bubblecottages.com and book a night or two under that same sky and stay in a luxurious bubble tent and never have to worry about a rattlesnake snuggling up with him during the night.

This Bubble tent sits at the very site of were many cowboys worked crushing gold ore at one of Cave Creeks first stamp mills that was in operation in the late 1800’s

Book a night in a Bubble Cottage and go back in time and experience the wild west in one of the best preserved examples of an authentic frontier town of Cave Creek which the town has gone to great lengths to preserve for future generations to enjoy.

Bed down and watch the sunset.
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The Glamping business is big business!

Glamping bubble tent in the desert.

The Glamping phenomenom which started in Europe has arrived in the U.S and has proven to be big Business!

The U.S glamping market is a multi billion dollar industry and is projected to continue to grow 2 1/2 times in the next couple of years.

The drivers for this increase in the glamping market is due to the staycation trend, the increased demand for experiential hospitality options, coupled with the growing need for a digitally detox, as well as, the ever increasing desire to get connected with nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Savy entrepreneurs are cashing in on this trend and according to Glamping.com the market is wide open with only 183 glamping locations listed in the U.S

The glamping business model also affords the owners a profitable way to conduct business in rural areas that otherwise previously lacked quality opportunities to generate income, thus allowing them to escape the daily commutes and hustle and bustle of working in the city.

Bubble Cabins is an authorized dealer of Bubble Huts LLc an American made brand of bubble tents.

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Giant holiday themed snow globes are a hit with all ages!

Experiential Marketing and advertising companies have found that Giant snow globes are for more than just the holidays.

It turns out that the creative staff of many of these companies view these giant globes as a “Clean Canvas” in which to create amazing spaces for an endless number of uses and occasions.

Here are our favorite top ten ways marketers have used our giant globes:

  1. Holiday Themed Photo Booth
  2. Product display showcase
  3. VIP Lounges/Hot Boxes
  4. Live performance globe
  5. Pop -up art gallery
  6. Therapy room
  7. Pop-up hotel
  8. Glamping tent
  9. Portable classrooms
  10. Bug free zone

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Start a highly profitable Airbnb business with as little $5000

Luxury Glamping Bubble Tent

If you think this claim is just hipe read the articles we’ve compiled below and see for yourself!


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Bubble Tents return on investment is almost too good to be true!

 green and clear bubble tent
Double Bubble Lodge

The Glamping industry has grown in popularity and the end is nowhere in sight, thanks to the clear roof of a Bubble Tent!

Savvy entreprenuers have discovered the earning potential and the almost unbelievable return on investment, with some operators reporting revenues in excess of $5000 per month per tent, making an ROI as fast as 30 days in many cases.

It has been reported that many of these glamping resorts are booked up for months at a time.

The popularity of Bubble Tents have caught the attention of CNN Travel, Forbes, Travel Channel, Ceo Magizine, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post and many others.

For information regarding Bubble Tents visit http://www.bubblecabins.com